The British Esports Students Championships is a series of competitive video game competitions for students aged 12+. It is a fairly new event and has only been around for a few years. It is run by the British Esports Association. The champs is open to all secondary schools and colleges. It is mainly a PC-based tournament. Each institution can enter teams for four different games. These games are; League of Legends 5v5, Overwatch 6v6, Rocket League 3v3, and VALORANT 5v5. This competition happens across the school year every single year.

What is the format?

The format for the British Esports Students Champs is the same for every game. The season begins with Winter Qualifiers. This consists of a large group stage where teams will face a variety of different opponents and aim to get as many points as possible throughout the season. The next stage is the Spring Divisions. For the Spring Divisions, the teams will be split into divisions, depending on their final position in the leaderboard from the Winter Qualifiers. Lastly, The Champs year will culiminate with the top teams heading to the grand finals. The grand finals are being held at the Confetti X in Nottingham in 2022.

What is the purpose of the Student Champs?

The Student Champs was set up to give young gamers a chance to compete at a high level of gaming against other passionate players. It also creates a pathway for serious gamers to follow if they want to become a professional gamer one day. However, there is also many other beneficial reasons why the Student Champs is a great event. It helps develop leadership and team working abilities which is helpful skill in a later career. It improves communication and social skills. This is beneficial because communicating quickly and effectively helps people reach their goals efficiently and is helpful in the workplace. Gaming can also be a form of stress relief for students. School can sometimes be very stressful with high workloads and lots of exams. Therefore, gaming can help students relax and forget about it for a few hours.

Gaming also helps develop key motor and cognitive skills. Each of the titles in the Champs is very good at improving; hand-eye coordination, reaction times, decision making and information processing. These skills are very beneficial in several aspects of life. The Champs links to a variety of different career pathways. Students get an insight into what it takes to play in an sports tournament and how they are ran. Getting first-hand experience can open up doors in further education, and potential careers within the industry. Gaming also links to STEAM subjects (Science, Tehcnology, Electronics, Art, Mathematics). Students can learn to see things in a more technical perspective which can be translated into different sectors. Mental health is extremely important and gaming can positively impact it. This is because students can escape into a virtual realm and forget about all their problems.

Lastly, it is fun! There has been year on year growth with more schools and colleges getting involved.