May 12, 2022
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The FIFA eWorld Cup is a esports tournament held by FIFA and EA Sports. It happens every year on the new FIFA that is released. The opening qualifying format allows millions to compete in the initial online stages. This has resulted in the FIFA eWorld Cup being recognised as the largest online esports game by the Guinness World Records.

History of the event

The first ever FIFA eWorld Cup took place in 2004 in Switzerland, when it was known as the FIFA Interactive World Cup. In 2010, the event first appeared in the Guinness World Record. But, it was not until 2013 that the competition saw the current record of more than 2.5 million players signing up. In 2015, the FIWC 16 kicked off, marking the 12th edition of the tournament. For the first time in history, Xbox One and PS4 players competed against each other. With the integration of the new consoles, numbers of participants increased significantly. 2.3 million players attempted to qualify for the Grand Finals in New York in 2016.

In 2018, the FIFA Interactive World Cup was renamed to the FIFA eWorld Cup. The 2018 Grand Finals was held in the O2 Arena in London. 32 finalists competed in the group stage and round of 16 on the 2nd of August. The second leg of the round of 16 and the quarter-finals took place on the 3rd of August. The semi-finals and final took place on the 4th of August. Mosaad Al Dossary won the final 4-0 against Stefano Pinna. In 2020, the FIFA eWorld Cup was rebranded as the FIFAe World Cup because of FIFA’s launch of its FIFAe esports tournament series.

Format of the FIFA eWorld Cup

The FeWC online qualification takes place on Playstation and Xbox networks, which can be accessed through the latest EA Sports FIFA. The players qualify via the console playoffs where the top 16 players make it through to the eWorld Cup Finals. Players can also qualify for the event by competing in one of the FIFA Global series tournaments throughout the season, with the top 16 at the last event automatically qualifying.

In the Grand Finals, 32 players compete and the participants are divided into four groups (two for each console). The top four from each group move on to the knockout stage. The knockout stage is one leg and are all played on one console. final is a two-leg match with one game on each console. The Grand Final is a multi-day event with the draw and competition being broken up into three days. The winner is crowned in a live show at the end of the event.

Who won the last FIFAe World Cup?

The most recent winner of the FIFAe World Cup was Mohammed Harkous in 2019. He beat Mosaad Aldossary, who was the 2018 winner, 3-2 on aggregate. The final took place in London at the O2 Arena which is the same venue the Grand Finals has been hosted in since 2017. Harkous is the first PS4 player to win the trophy since 2015. The prize money for the 2019 tournament was $500,000 with Harkous winning $250,000 of that. Due to COVID, there hasn’t been another FIFAe World Cup since. However, FIFA are hoping to bring it back in 2022 with the event taking place in London, England again. The winner is expected to win prize money of greater than $250,000 and a ticket to the Best FIFA Awards where they will be able to meet the greatest of the real football world.