Fnatic is a professional esports organisation with registered offices all around Europe. They are headquartered in London, United Kingdom. Team Fnatic have exports team in; League of Legends, CSGO, DOTA 2, VALORANT, Rainbow Six: Siege, and FIFA. Sam Matthews is the Founder of team Fnatic and has ran it from the start. Their team’s are made up of all different world-class players from all over the globe. They are considered to he one of the most successful team’s in the world.

Where did the journey begin?

Team Fnatic we’re found in 2004 by Sam Matthews and Anne Matthews, with both of them being based in London at the time. Their main headquarters is still in London to this day. Fnatic began their esports journey playing Counter-Strike. In 2006, they acquired a World of Warcraft team, which competed in the WoW 3v3 tournaments. They were top finishers in events including, BlizzCon, IEM, and MLG. In 2007, Fnatic acquired a DOTA 2 team. In 2008, they picked up a new DOTA 2 team.

Between 2008 and 2009, they we’re sponsored by MSI and SteelSeries, resulting in a temporary name change to FnaticMSI. In January 2012, Fnatic took on RaidCall as a sponsor. This enabled them to expand into South Korea and become the first non-Korean sports team to acquire a professional gaming house in Seoul. In October 2015, sports betting website Dafabet became a sponsor of Fnatic. In 2017, Fnatic joined the competitive Rocket League scene. On 12 April 2018, they joined the competitive Rainbow Six Seige scene. Finally, in 2019, Fnatic raised $19 million in Series A funding round and restructured its leadership as they planned to expand to in Asia and North America.

How successful are team Fnatic?

Team Fnatic have won over $17 million in prize money across 998 tournaments. Their most successful team is definitely their League of Legends team because they have won seven League of Legends World Championships. They also won the first ever World Championships in 2011. Fnatics CSGO team are nearly as incredible because between 2013 to 2015, they picked up three Major titles and dominated every tournament. One of their FIFA superstars, Tekkz, is the most successful FIFA player in history and has won eleven titles in his three season career, one of them being the 2020 eChampions League title. Fnatics Rainbow Six Siege team has also been fairly successful because they have won two Six Masters titles.

Fnatics Valroant team have only been able to become VCT Masters Finalists but are seeking to become champions in the next event. Their DOTA 2 team has been a continuously evolving group and have only managed to finish fourth at the International 2016. Lastly, the newest edition to Fnatic is their Halo team who is made up of a younger roster ready to probe themselves on the big stage.

Even though team Fnatic began in the UK, they are based all over the world. Their CSGO team is made up of Swedish players. However, their Rainbow Six Siege team is made up of Japanese players. Their most successful player DJ is from the Philippines. He has won over $900,000 since playing for the team. There has been over one hundred different players who have played for Fnatic since they were founded.