April 21, 2022
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There are many esports players out there who have created YouTube channels to broadcast their gameplay. However, there is also YouTubers who have become so good at gaming, that they have started to compete in esports events. One if these YouTubers are DanTDM. He is well-known for his Minecraft, Pokemon and Roblox gameplay. He has over 26 million subscribers on his main channel. Dan also has another four channels he posts on. His channel has been listed as amongst the top YouTube channels in the United Kingdom. In July 2015, he was listed as one of the most popular YouTubers in the world by viewership.

How did DanTDM begin his career?

Dan Middleton was born on the 8th of November 1991 in Aldershot, England. Dan started his first YouTube channel in 2009 under the name PokemanDanlvl4. At this time his channel was dedicated to playing the game Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. However, Dan’s YouTube career took off when he made the gaming account TheDiamondMinecart in 2012. This account was dedicated to Minecraft content. For the first year he didn’t show his face on YouTube. In June 2013, when his channel exceeded 100,000 subscribers, he posted a video revealing his face for the first time.

DanTDM has also released a graphic novel called Trayaurus and the Enchanted Crystal in October 2016. The novel remained at the number one spot on the New York Times Best Seller list for hardcover graphic books for eleven weeks. He went on a book tour that included parts of the UK and a visit to New York. In 2017, Dan starred in a web series called DanTDM Creates a Big Scene. The series premiered in April 2017 on Youtube Red, which is YouTubes subscription service. In 2019, Middleton ranked 41 on the UK’s Top 100 Influencer list by The Sunday Times. Dan had an estimated net worth of £25 million. In March 2021, Middleton created a channel dedicated to Minecraft videos under five minutes called DanTDM Shorts.

What esports events has Dan competed in?

Dan has played many different games in his YouTube career however, his most known one is Minecraft. He used to compete online against other players in modes such as hunger games and PVP. Even though these weren’t esports events, this was the start of online competitive gameplay on Minecraft. He has also competed in Fortnite tournaments such as the Fortnite World Cup but has never come close to winning it. He has never been a competitive gamer and has just played games for the sheer fun of it. As time went on, Dan had been playing games for so long that he was naturally good at them. This is when he began to enter and compete in the occasional esports event. Dan also streams his gameplay on Twitch.